Terminal/Nicol Revitalization

The DNBIA is working with property owners in the Terminal/Nicol Corridor to revitalize the corridor and facilitate redevelopment.  The project is planned in four phases:

Phase A: Area Wide Determination

Current Status: Complete

Provincial determination that acknowledges the potential for historical contamination in the corridor (Zone D) and relaxes required testing to delineate these contaminants if found to be present on a given site.

Read about the success of  Phase A and the winning of a National Brownie Award from the Canadian Urban Institute for the Terminal Avenue Brownfield Redevelopment Project.

Phase B: Area Wide Drinking Water Exemption

Current Status: Collecting Funds

Testing and analysis to support an application to the Ministry of Environment to remove the Drinking Water Standards from participating properties the corridor.  This exemption would significantly reduce the requirements necessary to meet provincial environmental standards when redeveloping in the corridor.

This phase is reliant on funding participation from property owners.  The current status of the funding received to date is summarized on the adjacent map and progress bar.  Once adequate funds are received to cover the anticipated costs, work will proceed immediately.

Phase C: Streetscape

Current Status:  Underway

The Terminal Nicol Re-imagined Project is now underway!

What will Terminal and Nicol look like in the future? What are the steps we’ll need to take to make changes happen? In the coming months, members of the Terminal/Nicol Corridor Streetscape Project Committee, stakeholders, community members and technical professionals will work together to answer these questions.

Join the Terminal Nicol Re-imagined project team at the “My Street” event from 10am-4pm on Sunday, September 20th to share your experiences, thoughts and priorities. This is the first public input event for this project and a great opportunity to get excited and re-imagine what it could be like to live-work-connect in the Harbour City! For more information please visit www.tnreimagined.ca or https://www.facebook.com/TNreimagined/.

Phase D: Fragmented Ownership & Incentives

Current Status:  Pending

Develop strategies to facilitate redevelopment of multiple smaller properties and possible incentives to encourage redevelopment along the corridor.

$80,447.81 raised of $250,000.00 goal

Phase A: Area Wide Determination Documents

Phase B: Area Wide Drinking Water Exemption Documents