July 28, 2016 Nanaimo Bar Competition 2016

On Saturday, July 23rd at the Bathtub Days Street Fair in Downtown Nanaimo, many of our enthusiastic attendees got to be part of an event that involves our City’s signature dessert – the Nanaimo Bar Competition!DNBIA-195

Yes, you heard right. And yes, it is the most delicious competition to happen in Nanaimo. If you missed out on the delectable fun, here is a recap of what the competition is all about: 9 vendors from the Nanaimo area entered with their take on the classic dessert. Our Street Fair attendees could then taste all of the variations and vote for their favorites. Some of these inventive Nanaimo Bar variations included ice cream, fudge, cake pops, cheese cake, and of course the classic Nanaimo Bar.*

So who ended up taking home the bragging rights and prize package?

The 1st place winner ended up being the Commercial Street Serious Coffee with an astounding 432 votes! We asked Susan from Serious Coffee what makes their traditional Nanaimo Bar’s so good, and her answer was simple: it’s all in the good quality ingredients, with a family recipe passed down from her mother, making you feel as though you are tasting your favorite home baking! This special something was clearly experienced by all of the tasters who voted for their delicious Nanaimo Bar. This local Vancouver Island business was born out of Duncan BC in 1994, but has since expanded Island-wide. You can find their Downtown Nanaimo location at 300-60 Commercial Street.

Perkins Coffee’s traditional Nanaimo Bar took the 2nd place prize with 360 votes! Stop by and taste their take on the bar yourself. Their charming heritage building location can be found at 234 Commercial Street.

Minnoz Restaurant and Lounge’s Nanaimo Bar Cheese Cake landed in 3rd place with 359 votes. That is correct – only one vote less than Perkins Coffee! This multi-faceted business (waterfront stay at the Coast Bastion Hotel that also makes a mean Nanaimo Bar – yes, please!) is located right by our downtown waterfront at 11 Bastion Street.

Saturday’s close competition proves that Nanaimo hosts some of the best tasting Nanaimo Bars in the world. You truly can’t go wrong when stopping for a treat from any of these Nanaimo Bar competitors. For more yummy
Nanaimo Bar locations, give our other competition participants a try:

To find other amazing Nanaimo Bar treats, check out Tourism Nanaimo’s Nanaimo Bar Trail

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the 2016 Bathtub Days Street Fair and for being part of this year’s Nanaimo Bar Competition!



*A traditional Nanaimo Bar is a three layer dessert consisting of a chocolate graham layer on the bottom, custard in the middle, and chocolate as the top layer. Read more about it here .